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Primal Muscle  Sports Supplements


Primal Muscle is a leader in Sports Supplements that features muscle and strength gain dietary supplements as well as weight loss aids. Products are targeted to males who work out on a regular basis, but will cater to anyone who wants to reach the ultimate fitness level.

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Primal Sports Supplements
The Biggest Loser


An all natural supplement that will stimulate your workout into another level for maximum muscle gain and superb energy. This supplement is one of Primal Muscle’s best formula for male’s overall virility.

Androxybol works the same way as the popular anabolic steroid Anadrol-50. But the people behind Primal Muscle are claiming that Androxybol might even replace this steroid soon due to its anabolic properties.

Anadrol-50 works by increasing your red blood cells level to increase which results to incredible pumps, and most people get huge and muscular. Anadrol-50’s anabolic properties include protein synthesis increase, boosts your hemoglobin and increasing your europrotein.


Anadrol-50 also increases your strength due to its androgenic properties aside from elevating red blood cell production. The result? You get stronger and get very vascular.

However, Anadrol-50 also has its own shortcomings as it requires a prescription and it comes with undesirable side effects such as liver damage.


Androxybol works the same way as it delivers potent anabolic properties. Its revolutionary testosterone agent called “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator” (SARM) offers all the muscle building effects of testosterone without giving you negatives like acne, gyno or female breast tissue.

Some of Primal Muscle Sports top selling products include:

  • Androxybol

  • Tridenosen H

  • Mesobolin

  • Aspartalone

  • Lipotase

  • Pure Whey Protein 

Tridenosen H  

The new “steroid” alternative drug that originated in Australia and was first introduced in an injectable form for racehorses. Today, Tridenosen H is a legal and safe drug that can is available in both oral and injection form, and is mainly used for power, strength, endurance and energy boost.


Technically, Tridenosen H is not an anabolic steroid as it does not influence synthetic hormones through anabolic effects. But it can it still support muscle growth due to its retention properties.

What Tridenosen H does is to help increase your body’s production of natural hormones, including growth hormones, testosterone, insulin, IGF-1 and EPO, all of which are essential if you are trying to improve your body physique.


So what is the secret of Tridenosen H? The power enhacing properties of Tridenosen H solely lies on its Adenosine-5′-Triphosphate content. Also known as ATP, this compound is used to provide energy metabolism and is known to help improve blood circulation.


Thrives on its ATP content which is known as one of the best performance-enhancing agent. So if you like to have a steroid-like performance, then TridenosenH is said to be one of your best options.




A unique dietary supplement that is derived from bodybuilding ingredients. This means that this brand is a natural and 100% pure herbal pill that can be a perfect fit for your overall fitness program.

A fat burner and a muscle growth stimulator, Lipotase may be the perfect product that you are looking for.

The prime purpose of Lipotase – to help you burn fat while supporting overall muscle development and maintenance. That is double purpose pill for you. This also means that taking Lipotase should be accompanied by a sensible nutritional diet and regular workout program.


Primal Muscle do pose an impressive claim for Lipotase. Can it really deliver results?  Lets take a deeper look into the Lipotase ingredients.


Tetradecylthioacetic Acid

One of the secrets of Primal Muscle with regards to fat burning is tetradecylthioacetic acid or simply known as TTA in the bodybuilding community, is a non-beta fatty acid that helps regulate lipid homeostasis. How this compound works? A study by the National Institutes of Health suggest that TTA administration was able to completely prevented diet-induced insulin resistance and adiposity.

This means that TTA helps increase hepatic fatty acid oxidation and ketogenesis which drains fatty acids from blood and extrahepatic tissues. This highly contributes on the positive effects in fat mass accumulation (burning) and peripheral insulin sensitivity. TTA is also clinically proven to be safe and well tolerated according from the same organization. Source: Tetradecylthioacetic Acid Safety – National Institutes of Health


Trinifolum Subterraneum

Trinofolum subterraneum is a mystery ingredient in Lipotase. Generally a clover species, this herb has no known medicinal use as of this writing except for some animal studies regarding its influence to body composition. Some reports said that it helped sheep to lose weight but of course, human are completely different from animals.


Ellagic Acid

A naturally occurring substance in the body, ellagic acid is commonly found in strawberries, pomegranates, walnut and blackberries. This compound is best known for its anti-cancer properties.

Ellagic acid binds to chemicals that causes cancer, which prevents it from growing. With regards to weight loss, this compound can help decrease the characteristic changes in metabolism by suppressing oxidative stress and inflammation. This helps prevent fat accumulation that leads to weight loss.

Source: Ellagic Acid – American Cancer Society


Oleoylethanolamide is a molecule that is found mostly in the intestines. It is known to help produce the feeling of satiety following meals, so it helps you to feel full more easily preventing mindless munching of foods. This is possible by activating a receptor known as PPARα, which primarily influence the brain to reduce your food intake. Plus, a recent study article suggest that Oleoylethanolamide can also significantly increase your adiponectin levels by 12% (rat study).

Last but most importantly, Oleoylethanolamide is clinically proven to boost thermogenic actions and mitochondrial effects of β3-adrenergic receptor.


Punica Granatum Flower Extract

Lipotase is not just a potent fat burning compound, it also helps in lowering blood sugar levels while regulating your cholesterol levels into its normal state. These benefits are possible with its punica granatum flower extract content. Also known as the healthy pomegranate, this extract offers pure antioxidant properties that helps improve your defense mechanisms and immune system. Since this brand helps regulates blood sugar levels, it does promote weight loss by reducing body fat mass.



In this artical we review Androxybol, Tridenosen and Lipotase. 

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