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Financing Available 

Are you ready to open a gym and need the capitol for the equipment purchases?   

All ready have a gym and need to replace old worn out equipment?

OR maybe you just want the bomb home gym!


We can help make it happen!

This is not just for gyms! 

This includes corporate facilities, apartment complexes, police and fire departments, personal training facilities, churches, hotels, hospitals, medical facilities, rehabilitation centres, park and recreation departments.

  • One-Page Lease ‘Application-Only’ Programs up to $250K with only 2+ years time in business

  • Equipment Lease Programs for any FICO score

  • ‘Application-Only’ Programs up to $100K for Start-Up Businesses

  • Working Capital Loans up to $500K

  • Working Capital Cash Advance Programs for businesses with only 1+ month time in business and FICO scores as low as 500










Contact us to get more information!

Lets Get Started!

Financing for private individuals

Requires a minimum Purchase of $3500

24 to 36 month terms

Requires first month payment + Down Payment

Based on amount financed


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