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The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser -- debuted in 2005, a reality Tv show which is essentially a race to see who can lose weight the fastest.  It quickly became one of the most popular reality shows in Television history. 

Despite its worldwide popularity, The Biggest Loser is controversial. 

Most fitness professionals and personal trainers dislike the show, mainly due to what they say is inappropriate training program design and extreme (teetering on dangerous) overtraining.

The tv show "The Biggest Loser" has no relevance to real world situations

The producers of The Biggest Loser have created the perfect environment for success. The participants move out of their homes and onto the set of The Biggest Loser.  They have no job other than losing weight. There are no kids to worry about, no work, no social obligations, no chores, nothing -- just working out and dieting. This is a totally artificial and controlled environment with no relevance to the average person. In the real world, Contestants have personal trainers, nutritionists, group support, accountability, a national audience, and the biggest carrot imaginable -- a prize of $250,000 and a potential


If you join The Biggest Loser Club ($39.99, first three months) "Special! fist 15 days free", you’ll follow an express, 6-week weight loss plan. You get meal plans and recipes, workouts featuring the show's trainers, a food and exercise tracker, and online support. You’ll chart your progress online and get weigh-in reminders.


You can follow the diet by reading one of the Biggest Loser books. There are extra tools available at the Biggest Loser web site, including cookbooks, DVDs, equipment, Nintendo Wii and Xbox games, and workout music.


Does It Work?

Choosing healthy foods and getting lots of exercise is a winning

combo. You can build strength, lose pounds, and be healthier.

But be prepared to work hard and change your long-term eating

and exercise habits. You see the TV cast members' success on the show. If you read the Biggest Loser books, you’ll see how they fared after the show (expect to see lots of success stories).

Keep in mind, though, that contestants tend to be bigger than average and the show’s regimen is intense, so their results may differ from yours. A recent study suggests that the extreme diet and exercise regimen on the show can't be sustained in a real-life setting.


What You Can Eat and What You Can't

You’ll eat small, frequent meals. Most of your food is lean protein, low-fat dairy or soy, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and nuts.

It’s based on The Biggest Loser's 4-3-2-1 Pyramid: four servings of fruits and vegetables, three servings of lean protein, two servings of whole grains, and 200 calories of “extras.”


Most foods are low in calories but high in fiber, to help you feel fuller longer. By eating five to six small meals and snacks, you’ll keep your blood sugar and hunger in check.

The diet recommends drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day and avoiding caffeine.


This plan requires a lot of dedication. You'll exercise

a lot, and you'll also get good at reading food labels. 

You can eat from all food groups. Some of the meal

plans may go below 1,200 calories per day, making

it hard to meet nutritional needs without a

supplement. The foods you'll be eating are widely

available in any grocery store. There are Biggest

Loser cookbooks you can follow. The program

includes whole foods that are high in fiber and low

in saturated fat and salt. The diet is in line with what

most major health organizations recommend,

including the American Heart Association.


By helping you lose weight, the diet may help lower your odds of getting type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure,stroke, and certain cancers. The exercise is also good for you.


Overall if you are someone that wants or needs to lose weight, this program could work for you!  


The Promise

Are you ready to train and eat like people on the NBC TV show The Biggest Loser, but without cameras following you around 24-7?  You can do a similar plan at home to lose weight, get stronger, feel better, and help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. It could transform your life -- if you're ready for the intense commitment.


The Biggest Loser Club has revolutionized the power the customer has in improving their health and fitness. This online weight loss system has been adapted from the TV phenomenon The Biggest Loser and offers individualized features to empower the user. Membership to the club has features including an express six-week weight loss plan, workouts from sought after trainers and meal plans and recipes to keep you on track. This program is for people of all fitness levels, beginner to advanced giving them the option to begin with as little as 2 workouts a week.  

The Biggest Loser Review

First a little about it's origin.  

Then on to the boot camp program.

The Biggest Looser Boot Camp Program

The Biggest Loser Boot Camp
The Biggest Loser Boot Camp

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Biggest Loser

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The Biggest Loser Boot Camp
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