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Please allow 10 to 30 days for shipping.  It should be on the lower end of that range depending on your location. 

108 CMA has all the same features as the 108 CM except for the variable control hydraulicfeature. This means the tension is “fixed” resistance and can not be increased or decreased.

The CMA features the a reduced step height of only 10 inches and 27 inch upward arm movement. With its NEW interactive voice module, that provides feedback for workout guidance, motivational commands and more.

Versa Climber CL 108 SMA

      Total Body: Yes
      Variable Tension Control: No, Fixed
      Step Height : 10 inches
      Arm Travel: 1-27 inches
      Max User Weight: 350 lbs.
      Module Display Interactive Voice Feedback
      6 Opponent Race
      6 Structure Distance
      Maximum Speed: 170 Vertical Feet Per Minute
      Climb Angle : 75 Degrees
      Heart Rate Monitoring: Yes
      Heart Rate Display: Yes
      Hand Grip Adjustment: Yes, 3 settings
      Power Requirement: 110 Volts

      Height: 7′ 10″ (assembled)
      Weight: 145 lbs
      Base Size: 43″ x 46″
      Structure: Steel, Double welded

      Warranty: 3 year Limited
      Frame Warranty: 3 Years
      Display Electronics: 1 Year
      Parts/Labor : 1 Year

      The CM comes standard with the following:
      ■1-10 Inch Step Height
      ■1-21 Inch Arm Travel
      ■Voice Feedback Module Display
      ■Heart Rate Monitoring
      ■Quick Release Straight Hand Grips
      ■Soft Padded Side Hand Rails
      ■Standard Climb Pattern
      ■110 v Power Supply


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