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Please allow 10 to 30 days for shipping.  It should be on the lower end of that range depending on your location. 

For free shipping email us a request.

Matrix T5x-T7x Treadmill Motor Control Board.  Matrix Upgraded replacement Motor Control Board

Original Motor Control Board;1.5KW/90~264V;Delta Discontinued.  SEE SERVICE BULLETIN 

This is the updated replacement board.  This board is also replacement board for:

T5x, Product Codes : FTM501E, TM530B, FTM501L, FTM501M

T5x-02-G4, Product Codes : FTM501, CTM501, FTM501, RCTM501

T5x-03-G4, Product Codes : CTM501B, FTM501

T5x-04-G4, Product Codes : CTM501C, FTM501C

T5x-05 Product Codes : CTM501D, FTM501E, FTM501H, FTM501H

T5x-07, Product Codes : FTM501E, CTM519

T5x-Solcioty, Product Codes : FTM501E, CTM536

T5xGT, Product Code : CTM537

T5xGT, Product Codes : CTM542, FTM501E

T7x, Product Codes : CTM502D, FTM501E, FTM501H

T7x-01-G4, Product Codes : FTM501, CTM502, FTM501, RCTM502

T7x-02-G4, Product Codes : CTM502C, FTM501C

T7xe, Product Codes : CTM503F, CTM503G, FTM501E, FTM501H

T7x-01-G4 Product Codes : FTM501, CTM502, FTM501, RCTM502

T7xe-02-G4, Product Codes : CTM503D, FTM501C, CTM503

T7xe-03, Product Codes : FTM501E, CTM520, CTM520B, CTM520, FTM501H

Matrix T7XE-05, Product Codes : FTM501E, TM527, TM527C, FTM501L, FTM501M, TM527H, TM527I, TM527L, TM527K

Matrix T7xi, Product Codes : FTM501E, CTM521, CTM521D, TM521C, CTM521F, FTM501H, FTM501L, FTM501M

Matrix T7xi-03, Product Codes : FTM501E, TM528, FTM501H, FTM501L, FTM501M, TM528F, TM528C, TM528D


Matrix T5 - T7 Motor Control Board

  • Matrix T5x,

    Matrix T5x-02-G4,

    Matrix T5x-03-G4,

    Matrix T5x-04-G4,

    Matrix T5x-05,

    Matrix T5x-07,

    Matrix T5x-Solcioty,

    Matrix T5xGT,

    Matrix T5xGT,

    Matrix T7x,

    Matrix T7x-01-G4,

    Matrix T7x-02-G4,

    Matrix T7xe,

    Matrix T7x-01-G4,

    Matrix T7xe-02-G4,

    Matrix T7xe-03,

    Matrix T7XE-05,

    Matrix T7xi,

    Matrix T7xi-03,

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