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Please allow 10 to 30 days for shipping.  It should be on the lower end of that range depending on your location. 

Replacement motor for: Icon Fitness 1.75 HP continues Treadmill Motor Part# M-175680, Proform, Nordictrack and HealthRider Treadmills. NworD.  The motor in the second 2 pictures is the original Icon fitness motor that is no longer available and not the New replacement motor.  The New replacement motor does not come with the flywheel which you will have to remove from the motor you have and put onto the new motor.

Replacement for Icon Fitness 2.9 HP Treadmill Motor

  • HealthRider

    500 SEL - HCTL10910



    C2200 - 831.293090
    C2200 - NTL11920
    EXP 2000xi - NTTL10610
    EXP 2000xi - NTTL10611

    EXP 2000xi - NTTL10612
    EXP2000 XI - 831.298680
    EXP2000 XI - 831.298681
    EXP2000 XI - 831.298682


    C1050 - DRTL99720

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