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50PCS EMS Gel Pads Replacement Pads ABS Abdominal Stimulator & Accessories, Muscle Toner Toning Belt Gel Sheets

Gel actopp gel is used to connect the electrodes of the EMS elettrostimolatore  to the skin, allows for the highest efficiency of the electrostimulator.

The gel pad for professional muscle stimulator can be used about 30 times. The shelf life can be lengthened, which depends on the way of use and the means of preservation. We recommend that before using, clean the skin with alcohol to prolong the life of the product.  Gel pads are made of high quality materials, are very soft and particularly delicate on the skin. In addition, they have the characteristics of a good viscosity, self-adhesive and are reusable.

50ct replacement gel pads for the EMS Trainer

  • Style:                     Gel sheets for EMS AB trainer

    Material:                 Hydrogels Applicable:

    Body Time use:      30 times (continuous)

    Size:                      40 mm*60 mm

    Package Content:

    50pcs gel pads

  • 50pcs gel pads

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