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Weight Lifting  and How to Build Muscle

Bench Press


One of the most common ideas that a lot of people have is to go work out one muscle group a day doing twelve different exercises that all target the exact same muscle group from all different angles.  No need for this in my opinion, In fact I think it’s a waste of time.  Doing four sets of six to eight reps of heavy weight on each muscle group is more than sufficient.  No need to do three sets flat bench press, then three sets incline, then three sets decline.  Regardless of the position of the bench you are still working the chest and shoulders.

Some people think that a set needs to consist of ten reps.  If you want to build muscle mass and strength, and your able to do ten reps, then you are NOT lifting heavy enough weight!  You want to lift a heavy enough weight that you are only able to lift it six to eight times.  If you can do nine, up the weight!  Its better for building strength and mass if the weight is so heavy you can only do it six times.   


THE SCALE!  The scale is a liar!  In order to see progress you have to use a scale that measures body composition like the ones they have at Five Star Nutrition.  body composition is used to describe the percentages of fat, bone, water and muscle in our bodies and is the only real way to track your progress.


Bench Press -  Chest and Shoulders


Overhead Press - Shoulders and Neck (traps)




Rows -  Entire Back


Sit ups – Stomach (abs)

Lower Body

Working out the lower body doesn’t take a lot of exercises, you only have two legs.

The Benefits of Lifting Weights

·  Lifting weights burns calories. Your body burns energy to lift weights. The heavier the weights, the higher the intensity and the more calories you burn. This is why lifters can eat more than average people without getting fat.

·  Lifting weights boost your metabolism. They call this “afterburn” or EPOC. You burn more calories the hours after you’re done lifted weights. This helps you lose fat.


·  Lifting weights builds muscle. Cardio doesn’t. Nor does a low calorie diet. Only lifting weights does – the stronger you get, the more weight you can lift, the more muscular you’ll be.


·  Lifting weights prevents muscle loss. Low calorie diets and excess cardio BURN muscle. This leads to the unhealthy and unattractive skinny-fat look. Yet lift weights builds muscle and prevents muscle loss from dieting, aging, etc. It makes you healthier and more attractive while losing fat.


Free Weights vs. Machines

Free weights are a better work out than machines for one basic reason.  Machines stabilize and focus the exercise and balance the weight for you.  This is not a bad thing however if lifting very heavy weight you can develop the muscles to be much stronger than the joints.  When using free weights you have to balance and maintain stabilization with your body.  For example: When doing dumbbell curls you have to use your entire arm to balance the weight while focusing on the biceps.  If sitting at a machine, your elbows rest and your biceps do all the work.

Squats – The absolute best all body, butt, and lower body focused workout



Leg press –







Leg curls –

Leg extensions -


Most supplements do not work!!  If they did, America would certainly outlaw them.  Protein powders are a great source for increasing protein intake, but nothing is as good as eating a nice juicy steak!  Don’t expect protein powder to make you big, for that you need testosterone.  Weight lifting will trigger your body to create more naturally and the younger you are the more you have at your disposal.  The only thing I have found that actually works besides steroids or HGH are the Pro hormones and Sarms. These are still legal in most states and you can get them at Five Star Nutrition. Click here to read my review of a 6 week cycle.  

Upper Body.

With just four exercises you can target your entire upper body and it is perfectly fine to do these exercises at every gym session.  All of these exercises will hit each area for a balanced physic.  Many people will only work certain body areas and end up with an unbalanced physic.  Whats the point of big shoulders and arms if your chest looks like its sunk in…..

Dave Garant


Only three exercises are needed for the arms, with focus on biceps, triceps and forearms.  A lot of guys neglect the triceps which is a mistake if you want big arms.  The triceps are the largest and strongest muscle in the arms and if you want size you need to work them hard.

Bench Press
Bench Press
Sit Ups
Over Head Press
Hammer Curls
Dumbbell Curls
Tricep Pull Downs

The Secret to building muscle!

The secret is…..  In fact it is not a secret at all but the knowledge and an understanding of muscle aptitude, which is how the muscles work.  In fact how you train will directly determine the results.  For building muscle you want to stay away from high repetition low weight exercises, as these types of exercises DO NOT build muscle they only tone what you all ready have.  In order to build and add more muscle you have to lift heavy weight! By lifting heavy weight you build mass and strength and with small increases in weight at each gym session you build more mass and strength every time you work out.  It is best to hit the gym at least three times a week in order to progress and maintain.  There is nothing wrong with going to the gym more or over training as long as it is not causing injury. 

Dumbbell curls – Biceps

Tricep Pull downs – Triceps


Hammer Curls – Forearms

Leg Press
Leg Curls
Leg Extensions

These are the exercises I do at pretty much every gym session.  It takes me about forty five minutes to get through all exercises.  For just about everyone out there, a time investment of an hour a day or every other day is not much for the return of good health and a great looking body that it will give you.  


 It is good every once in a while to change things up a bit.  When constantly increasing weight, at some point you will get sore and need to take a break from such heavy weights. Not to mention that  continually doing the same thing will eventually cause you to plateau.  So, when I feel the need I will lighten the weight, increase the reps and speed at which I preform the reps.  For example:  If I normally do my bench press, 4 sets at 255lbs. 6 to 8 reps.  I will lighten the weight to 215lbs. and rep it out as many times as possible as fast as possible.  Doing the weight fast with the higher reps helps to work on power and endurance.  

My goal when working out has always been the same thing.  I wanted to have the body builders physic, and shape, with the big shoulders and chest, wide back and slim waist.  I will say the slim waist has been the hardest part.   I have never expected to look like a pro bodybuilder because, plain and simple that takes lots and lots of steroids and living at the gym.  I just wanted to be big enough that you could tell that I lifted weights when I have a shirt on.

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