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About the owner Dave Garant
Primal Sports Supplemants
Primal Sports Supplements
The Biggest Loser

Hi!  My name is David Garant.

Heres a little about me...

I grew up in a decent size town much like everyone else.  Going through the paces of life, school, playing football in JFL and high school and just hangin out with friends doing what everyone else does.


I have to admit, I really liked it!  The confidence it gave me and finding that I was no longer being intimidated by others, but the one intimidating others just because of my size.  I no longer had to worry about being a push over, getting bullied in any way or not being able to cut it on the football field.  I think I did good at not letting this go to my head.  I didnt bully others, but I was sure to let the ones who bullied me know that it wouldnt happen again!


All of this working out that I did turned into a passion.  A love for fitness, exercise and trying to eat right.  The soreness that you feel after a good workout was a high for me.  I had the desire to be big like a bodybuilder but swore not to take steroids to do it.  Little did I know at that time that bodybuilder sized gains are not natural or even possible without steroids.  



My Sophmore year of high school i got into klifting weights.  I dont remember exactly what peaked my interest but I think it had to do with football and the fact that I was a skinny 5'8 145 pound push over.  I started training hard over the summer and when I returned to school my junoir year I was 5'11 and 180 pounds of solid muscle! 

This passion eventually turned into a business when the oppurtunity arose.  At first it started with repairing and performing preventative maintanace on fitness equipment and delivering and assembleing equipment. Seeing all of this equipment that we had to deliver I wanted to look into selling the equipment myself.  Fighting an extremely weak local economy it has been a deffinate struggle.  


With a passion for the industry I am constantly learning and figureing out what is for real and what is a gimmic.  Belive me, this to is an on going struggle as there are a lot of scammers in this world!


More to come....

I tried suppliments like weight gainers, creatine and protiens.  I will say that a lot of them work.  Along the way I have learned alot through research.  The thing that I think helped me the most was learning about muscle apptitude and knowing how to work out to accomplish what I wanted. 

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